1972 Born in Osaka
1993 Akashi Technological College
1995 Tokyo Metropolitan University
1997 Graduate School of Tokyo Metropolitan University
1998 Worked at Architectuurstudio Herman Hertzberger Amsterdam in the Netherlands
1999 Berlage institute of Amsterdam(Post Graduate School)
2000 Worked at Design Studio Architecture
2003 Established Shinsuke Fujii Architects
2017 Adjunct Lecturer of Tokyo Polytechnic University
2020 Associate professor of Osaka institute of technology

First Degree Architect License 304109

Shinsuke Fujii


We think that it is important to keep exploring something fresh. For example, we prefer a fresh vegetable grown in the natural ground to one changed by the improvement of species. We are not denying old architecture but create active environment, finding the new idea in the daily life from different point of view.


We are focusing on using real for design but also materials. Although wood, stucco, stone, diatom earth are not made for convenience of human being, they are showing divers and dynamic surface and increasing beautifulness day by day. In terms of insulation and moisture control they are superior and are keeping clean air.

By communicating openly it will be easy to find out what is really important for the client. On the basis of the communication, we can make many drawings so that Construction Company can openly make an estimated cost in detail. In addition by comparing the details of cost one by one, we will make it possible to construct the architecture within the limits of budget.


3-4-22-608 , Nakasaki, Kita-ku, Osaka, JAPAN
Shinsuke Fujii Architects
TEL 06-6335-9722
FAX 06-6335-9723
MAIL  zub04257@nifty.ne.jp


first degree architect licence 304109

1.Architectural design, Interior design, Renovation
2.Investigation of the land for architecture
3.Product design, Furniture design

1995 Street Performer's "IKI IKI" Spaces, Diploma Work
1995 "Geometrical Composition of Mies van der Rohe's Brick Country House" Summaries of Technical Papers, Architectural Institute of Japan
1995 "Geometrical Composition of Mies van der Rohe's Brick Country House" Journal of Architecture, Architectural Institute of Japan
1995 Awarded Superiority Prize in The Twenty First Centrury City Competition
1996 National Diet Library in Kansai Best26
1998 Forum Magazine 1998 Toyota Home Fokker
2000 HUNCH(2000, No.002) F house
2005 &home vol.4(Futabasya)House in Sagamihara
2006 &home vol.13(Futabasya)House in Fuchinobe
2006 Watashino Ie dukuri (Syufu to Seikatsusya)House in Tsurumi
2008 Building a house in small land (Syufu to Seikatsusya) House in Oonodai
2008 Life in Denentoshi vol.28(Eishuppan)House in Sugao
2008 House for living with dog vol.5(World Foto Press) House in Sugao
2008 Small and Good Plan house(Syufu to Seikatsusya)House in Tsurumi
2008 Good Reform (RECRUIT) House in Kamakura
2008 Gekkan Housing (RECRUIT) House in Sugao
2009 A-collection 004(ASJ) House in Sugao
2009 SUMAI no SEKKEI (Fusosya) House in Sugao
2009 IEDUKURI no Kisochishiki2010(Kenchikusiryokenkyusya)House in Utsunomiya
2009 Lecture「Creating Low cost Housing openly」in Yamaha Shinjuku showroom
2009 Lecture「How to make Low cost Housing openly」in Inax Ginza showroom
2009 Tostem design contest Awarded Kenchikuchishiki Prize
2014 58th Kanagawa Architecture contest Prize House in Shinyoshida
NICHIJIREN Architecture Award 2017 Prize Oriel Window House